Case Study: Sales

Time Per Deal

Before: 4 months


< 2 months

Before Seek: Limited Data Access

The sales team’s data was limited to very specific aggregations of data, accessed by self-serve tools. Often, the self-serve tools would present incorrect data, and the team would have to retract data they presented to prospects.

Most of the sales team reported being unable to access the data they needed on a regular basis, with deals frequently getting paused due to the inability to answer prospects’ questions.

After Seek: First-Class Data Access

Once Seek was connected to the data warehouse, the sales team was able to get the data they needed–without compromising accuracy–in less than 1 day/question on average. With the average deal requiring 12 pieces of data, time per deal was cut down by 50%, reduced from 4 months to under 2 months.

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