Case Study: Customer Success Team

Time Spent Waiting for Data

Before: up to 2 months


< 1 day

Before Seek: “Rationing” of knowledge

Customer success managers/reps at this B2B SaaS get questions from customers almost every day. Before Seek, they had to “ration” their questions to the data team, which could take months to get back with answers since they were blocked by other tasks.

Further, new teammates could take up to a year to onboard due to the ad-hoc nature of the way the CS team works with data.

After Seek: Knowledge is Free-Flowing

CS reps go into the platform every morning for ~20 minutes on average to prepare for the day.

They ask questions throughout the day as they arise, most of them from customers. Most of these questions are answered in less than a day.

New customer success reps on now take under two weeks to onboard, compared to a year before using Seek.

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