A note from the CEO

Seek what matters.

"Hi, I'm Sarah Nagy, and I'm the founder and CEO of Seek AI. I started Seek in 2021 with the tagline, 'Seek what matters.' I'll explain what this means, and share the two reasons I started Seek, below.

The first reason I decided to start Seek is that, in 2021, I was amazed at how good AI had gotten at writing code in such a short time span. When I first saw this in action, I knew instantly that it would change the way people would work with data.

Second, I wanted to solve my own pain point, working as a data professional for about a decade. Pretty much everywhere I worked, we had the same challenge. Data tools just weren't adequate at helping my less technical colleagues get the data they needed, so they would come to me instead. As a result, I had to spend a significant amount of time, pretty much every day, writing manual code by hand just to pull data.

So, I decided to leverage these amazing advances that AI has made over the past two years and solve this problem once and for all. The result is Seek AI, a next-generation automation platform that lets anyone in your organization simply ask for the data they need, and get data fast.

To me, 'Seek what matters' means, focus on the work that challenges you and can move the needle the most within your organization. By helping to remove some of the mundane coding and waiting from both the data team and the business-facing teams, I hope that Seek will make knowledge workers happier because they will be able to pursue more meaningful work. Not to mention the value it adds to organizations by allowing them to make better use of the data they work so hard to compile and maintain.

I hope that you enjoy using Seek!"

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By embedding an AI data analyst you add generative AI for data features to your product powered by Seek AI, the best performing natural-language-to-SQL model. Talk to our team to learn more.

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