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Seek Launches New Snowflake Native App, Now Available on Snowflake Marketplace

Experience Seek’s Natural Language Interface for Data Behind the Secure Walls of Your Snowflake Environment; Ask Your Data Questions and Get Instant Answers 

This week is the annual Snowflake Data Cloud Summit, and Seek AI has an exciting announcement to share from the event. 

Introducing Seek Native, our new Snowflake Native App that is available now on the Snowflake Marketplace here.

What is it: For the first time, customers will be able to experience Seek’s natural language interface for structured data, that is engineered to automate text to SQL code generation, data queries and the extraction of accurate data insights. Seek AI’s Snowflake Native App provides Generative AI-based technology to empower business users and data science teams to ask their data plain language questions and extract accurate answers in seconds, natively within joint customers’ Snowflake accounts. 

How it works: Simply install Seek Native from Snowflake Marketplace, connect your data, and ask your ad hoc data questions the same way you would to your organization’s data analyst. Data team members who are set up in Seek as an analyst-in-the-loop will get notified by the app when they have pending insights to review.  Business team members will get notified when their insight is ready. You can search verified insights or ask new questions at will.

If you’re not familiar, Snowflake Native Apps run entirely in the customer’s Snowflake account and are deployed from Snowflake Marketplace. They offer organizations benefits including complete data control and security, with no need to move or provide app providers with access to their data, as well as a single source of truth for data across the enterprise and the ability to tap into committed Snowflake spend by allowing users to purchase and install from the Marketplace.

Seek AI and Snowflake are working together to mobilize the world’s data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, helping joint customers unlock the value of their data. Seek is powered by the most accurate natural language to SQL model, having performed with over 90% accuracy on Yale’s semantic parsing and text-to-SQL Spider Leaderboard test benchmark. 

Engineered for use in the modern data stack, Seek Native empowers organizations to automate code generation and query data, increasing their efficiency in executing their data strategy. With Seek, businesses can finally break the information barriers that have, until now, slowed down their business growth. 

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