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Seek AI supports Microsoft SQL Server for natural language querying of data

When you connect Seek to Microsoft SQL Server you can get the leading natural language interface for querying structured data. ‍Generative AI for data allows anyone to ask questions in plain English and Seek will query the data and give you the answers you are looking for, fast. Seek’s patent-pending workflow prevents against hallucinations and guarantees that business teams will not get bad data. 

Data driven organizations are using Microsoft to centralize all of their data and make it easily available for business decision-making and predictive analytics. ‍Seek gives business professionals and data teams a powerful platform for enabling faster answers to questions. 

“Our customers have data across multiple data sources even as they migrate into cloud data warehouses.” said Sarah Nagy, co-founder and CEO at Seek AI “Which is why Seek continues to build out support for cloud data warehouses, data lakes, and relational databases like SQL Server so enterprises can chat with their data and get answers back.“

Data teams are under pressure to do more with less resources. Learn how Seek can take distracting and mundane SQL writing off the workload of data teams. Learn how a two week sprint can bring customer generative AI into your organization. 

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