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Raz Besaleli at Ground Truth Episode 5: AI Crashes the Science Party

Hosted at the Arthur headquarters, Ground Truth Episode 5: AI Crashes the Science Party, featured panelist who are founders, builders, and academics who discussed the intersection of generative AI and STEM:

• Raz Besaleli (Co-Founder / Director of AI Research, Seek AI)

• Andriy Mulyar (Co-Founder / CTO, Nomic)\

• John Dickerson (Co-Founder / Chief Scientist, Arthur)

• Kyunghyun Cho (Professor, NYU and Senior Director, Genentech)

• Micah Goldblum (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, NYU / FAIR)

• Zack Lipton (Professor, CMU and CTO / CSO, Abridge)

Topics from the first panel which Raz was part of included:

• Introductions

• How do we evaluate models?

• Thoughts on Leaderboards and Selling

• Openness and Open Source in AI

• What are you looking forward to in 2024?

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