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Event Highlight: Data Driven NYC

On February 21, Seek AI CEO Sarah Nagy spoke at Data Driven NYC, a monthly event series covering AI and data-driven products and startups, hosted by FirstMark Capital.

In her speech “Unlocking ROI on Data”, Nagy touched on the origin story behind Seek AI, and discussed how Seek is helping businesses get more ROI out of the modern data stack, followed by a Q&A session.

Here are some key takeaways👇

  • AI code generation has improved significantly over the past 2 years. Between 2020-2021 alone, code generation accuracy went from 0% to 72%, and keeps increasing to this day.
  • Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks can unlock great potential in revenue, and increase productivity for data teams. With Seek, questions are answered 75% faster, thousands of questions get asked, and the time spent waiting for answers goes down from on average 2 weeks to the same day.
  • The purpose of the modern data stack is to give ROI for businesses ultimately. This is why shifting the focus on ways to increase the productivity of data teams is crucial for unlocking potential ROI for businesses.
  • The Seek Workflow offers a solution to problems caused by manual workflows. The current data workflow for many businesses— pulling data, opening a ticket, and generating results— can be time-consuming, and could prevent teams from making real data-driven decisions due to time delays. By providing a natural language interface that’s designed to be user-friendly, Seek helps business users to get to the question they’re trying to ask, and queries the data for them on the back end, significantly reducing waiting times and speeding up the process.

To watch the full presentation and learn more about how we can help your business unlock ROI on data, click below.

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