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Announcing Seek's $7.5m Funding

Dear Seek AI Community, 

In late 2021, I launched Seek AI under the tagline “Seek What Matters.” The tagline refers to Seek’s mission to solve a pain point I experienced pretty much every day as a data professional working at organizations ranging from tech startups to multinational hedge funds, encountering mundane and repetitive tasks that got in the way of the strategic work I knew would truly matter to businesses. Hence, since day one, our vision here at Seek has been to automate critical processes and workflows so that data stakeholders can get the data they need fast, and knowledge workers can focus more on key efforts.

Today, I am proud to announce that Seek AI has raised $7.5M in a combination of pre-seed and seed funding, led by Conviction and Battery Ventures, with participation from Bob Muglia (former CEO of Snowflake), Mustafa Suleyman (co-founder of DeepMind and Inflection AI) and Tristan Handy (founder and CEO of dbt Labs). This funding came at a critical juncture in Seek AI’s growth as we continue to gain traction within the generative AI space, and work with more than a dozen pilots across industries ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. 

In the pursuit of solving my own toil, I realized that Seek is also making data accessible to non-technical, business-facing roles. In doing so, we are unlocking billions of dollars of previously inaccessible ROI for our customers.

Businesses invest massive budgets into managing their data, with the hope of generating insights that will help the business make better decisions. It is these insights, and the resulting decisions, that produce a return on investment on the data.

However, today,  business users are blocked from accessing most of this ROI because each new question must be asked to a data professional who is already busy fielding questions from many other non-technical colleagues (side note: I was that “data person” for many years). By automating this inefficient, manual and repetitive workflow, Seek is helping every role within a business get the data they need, fast, so that they can make these key data-driven decisions. 

With the help of our growth partners and investors like Conviction and Battery Ventures who understand both the potential of AI and the complexities of data accessibility, we are going to be laser-focused on improving our product, supercharging data teams who use Seek, and helping our customers become more data-driven.

To learn more about the solutions Seek AI offers, and our efforts in using generative AI to help make data more accessible to anyone in an organization using natural language interfaces, please visit We’d love to work with you to better understand how Seek can help your business.

I’m looking forward to a very exciting year ahead!

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